Our aim is to provide a stimulating and holistic curriculum encompassing the skills needed for children to become confident, successful and resourceful learners guiding children to find their identity, meaning and purpose in life. The skills for life curriculum encompasses The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), areas needed not only to ensure children have a successful transition to formal schooling but also to ensure each child succeeds in life.

We believe children begin learning from birth, so we have developed 8 skills for life to ensure children of each age are encouraged to build confidence and a love of learning.

Our 8 Learning for Life skills
  1. Word Life 

Designed for children who like to read, write and tell stories and excels at learning and using new words.

  1. Logic Life

Designed for children who like to explore patterns and numbers, and enjoys figuring out how things work.

  1. Creative Life

Designed for the “visualiser” children who like to design and create and enjoy singing and listening to music.

  1. Active Life

Designed for children who use body language, love to move and play sports, and who excels in dancing and other physical activity.

  1. Quiet Life

Designed for the “thinking” child who likes to be introspective, is in tune with their personal feelings and thoughts, and enjoys working alone.

  1. Prep Life 

The aim of our prep life program is to create confident and successful learners designed for children who are in the year before school to extend on their current abilities and give them the best start to a successful transition to formal schooling.

  1. Extra Life 

 Extra-curricular experiences available at Little Wallabies.